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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Morning Mopery warded off by Curtis "Holy Moly" Granderson

Dad Zo Tigers gear Apr09

If you can't stand watching baseball on television, first, what's wrong with you...second, we probably wouldn't like each other very much, and lastly you would have missed Curtis Granderson make the most stupendulous catch ever off of the bat of Grady "can't stand ya" Sizemore. It was a towering shot that would have won the game for the Indians in the bottom of the ninth at Jacobs Field (sponsorship smonsorship...I'm calling it Jacobs Field forever) but Zoey's favorite, Curtis Granderson, leaped high on the wall, reached up and over and snatched the win away from the Cleveland Indians and handed it over to Justin Verlander.

Granderson catch

Even Zoey knew it was a huge moment...she pooped her pants right after it happened, I swear. Now, we know that she poops her pants quite often and typically even more randomly than often but's not difficult to imagine Granderson's catch and Zo's squishy response to be connected is it? I guess it is but give us some simple, harmless pleasures.

It's a rainy morning and instead of music we're basking in the lingering glory of that Granderson catch. Seriously, it was that good. We'll move on and manage other things today, or maybe not, but waking up with that was pretty good. Zoey pretty much forgot about it as soon as it happened but we're working it for all it's worth.

On this particular Saturday we're making lists of the things we like and the things we loathe, not in general but at this particular like, 11:29 am Saturday May 9, 2009...They are amusing as you can see...

Like List

1. The huge multiple photo picture frame we bought about 6 or 7 years ago that we only partially filled and still has some spots occupied by the fake photos that came with it. Once someone even observed how nice looking some of our friends were, "they look like models!" they said. Ahmm, that's cause they are. Right now it's made its way up on the wall behind our new couch and it looks good there except we still haven't filled it up with all of our own photos and there's still that hilarious "Our Vacation" spot left unfilled right there in the middle of the frame. We laugh every time we look at it. The best part is that now we've got it turned horizontally rather than it's previous vertical placement (it looked better on the wall that way) and now the few photos we do have in it are sideways. We might not ever change it just cause it's so funny and it confuses people so much. Boyo, it sure looks ridiculous though.

Sideways frame

2. Morning rain that wakes you up then goes away before the coffee is cold

3. Understanding friends

4. Our framed and mounted Dave Matthews print from the Toronto show last summer.

5. How Zoey is all into this playing coy and shy stage where she sees you, smiles and then buries her head in her mother's chest to hide her grinning mug. That's an especially likable thing.

6. The notion of a summer in Southern California, and the realization that wildfires could do us in if we're not careful.

7. The phrase, "do us in," because it just sounds funny. What the hell does it mean? Well, we know what it means but why is it phrased like that? It's strenge...that's right, strenge...that's like strange but in a more curious, unanswerable way. Actually it was just a typo that I ran with.

8. The fact that I barely escaped Dodger fandom without buying a Manny Ramirez jersey...close one.


10. June fast approaching and very first "Mothers Day"...we get a kick out of that one.

11. Chantelle and "Bruce" shooting June an email 'bout a Father Day weekend visit. Awesome amazingness x 4... AND that there's a strong probability that we'll be at the ballpark on the same day...we already have Father's Day Brewers tickets so look out scout!!

12. The Los Angeles Lakers

13. Coffee from Timmy Ho's when you still haven't washed out the coffee press from yesterday.

14. Making June a 'Jack and Coke' last night with just a barely taste-able (that should be a word if it isn't) percentage of Coke, and then forgetting that I did it and asking her why her Coke tasted so funny.

15. Stumbling into Kevin and Aimee's blog post about Oliver Jeffers books and how they bought up the entire world's supply for Harmon and that the little feller's hogging them back like they wuz free hot dogs in the press box.

The Loathe List

1. Being too tired to watch does that happen? How can you possibly be too tired for television?

2. Lawn work that's been avoided.

3. Manny Ramirez

4. Alex Rodriguez

5. Egocentricity and the almost always attending obliviousness.

6. Wet hammocks

7. Spilled coffee

8. Strangely, Adam Duritz just popped into my head. We like the old Adam Duritz just fine but this new damp rag is annoying.

9. Bra-less Deadheads...weird, I know, but c'mon, as random as the observation is it's undeniably true.

10. The sound of waves smashing onto the beach...we hate that. Who doesn't?

11. Brett Favre

12. The lost significance of "roles" and knowing your place. It mattered. That's why we have global warming right now, that's right...if people knew their place and their role in society there'd be no melting glaciers. We also think that the phenomenon is responsible for the new Yankee Stadium and the child slave trade. That's what we said. If just one less person colored outside of their social and emotional lines there'd be less world hunger and CSI shows.

13. The Detroit Pistons current embarrassing incarnation.

14. Receding friendships.

15. How some Tim Horton's staff carefully count the number of Timbits that they put in your if 21 Timbits as opposed to 20 Timbits would represent a significant loss to that particular franshise. Yeah, we understand the whole cumulative thing but they give 'em to dogs for free for @#$%& sake.


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