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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life isn't Black &'s way cooler than that

BW Zo feet backyard 2

If I'd have known how awesome it was to be waking up to a smiling daughter everyday I'd have...well, I probably wouldn't have done anything different, but figuratively speaking I would have embraced the notion of fatherhood much sooner. In the real world, you know where the government taxes the hell out of you and vinyl is making a comeback, I would have done things exactly as I have done them, no changes, no big ones at least. There are a few people I could have been nicer to or a few times I should have just shut up and listened but those are speed bumps not giant gaping canyons of regret.

Zoey wakes up every day just smiling her wee little tiny ass off and is more than ready to just hang out (mostly 'cause that's all she really can do aside from eat, sleep, and soil herself). I wish I could be so social so early. All I want is coffee and if it's the weekend some time to listen to some music. Zoey is usually pretty accommodating. Today is no different and because of that kid's courteous Saturday morning attitude I've been able to soak up my new Josh Davis Band albums. The music floating up around my ears is so good that I think I owe Zo a good this or chilling out this early AM she's allowed me a new, awesome obsession. These guys from Iowa are #$%&ing great! Now this is exactly what Saturday mornings are for...I mean, once you get to the stage where being hungover sucks hard enough that you don't donate 51 or so Saturdays a year to it.

The sun is starting to warm the place up a bit and I've somehow stolen an entire hour to soak up these records. My favorite tune so far is this track titled "June"...check it out. Me loves it long time.

June - The Josh Davis Band

I hope life can always stay this simple...just nice and blurry 'round the edges, perfectly grey and easy peasy...We duck when we should duck, we weave when we need to weave, and we wake up early and listen to great music when we get the chance...then sometimes we don't get the chance but that's okay. Sometimes we just get morning Zoey smiles and that's enough. I know life can get pretty complicated but more often than not only if you let it. Every day is about decisions and then chuck the odd "out of your hands" item into your cart and there you have it...a pretty simple formula for getting by. Make good decisions and roll with what's rollable...done.

In the immortal words of Ebby Calvin Laloosh, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains," think about that while I cruise into another day with Team Zedder and a soundtrack of good Iowa guitars thanks to Josh Davis and his merry band of miscreants.

Happy day all.


Anonymous John said...

Went and dropped off in excess of 250 CDs today to sell at Sunrise for store credit for a Crossley and the rest on vinyl. Going tomorrow to pick it all out!

I won a copy of Dave Bidini's "Around the World in 57 1/2 Gigs" in my book club Friday.

And tomorrow we're going to see Leonard Cohen for free cause we won tickets.

I like the cost of this weekend that has been heavily laden with my favourite musical thread.

May 23, 2009 at 6:45 PM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

Holy #$%&ing amazing weekend! Wonder how many LPs you're gonna get to pull from the piles?

Wow...we really gotta connect. I suggest a random Saturday afternoon record hunt followed by grilled something and the sound of those previously mentioned records drifting through the night air...I'm thinking that a summer in southern California will require me to visit Amoeba Records in LA and bring you back a nice 78 incher...album I mean.

Nice Sunday you got comin' feller...whew...a real beaut.

May 23, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

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