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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing Luther Lovewright...Get Used to His Awesomeness

I've decided that just for some extra odd fun that I needed an alter-ego...that's right, an alter-ego, and since the name "Colt Seavers" had already been used (and used oh so well), I settled on Luther Lovewright. It's not as tough sounding but it sho does sound sweet don't it? (Must be said in a tone reminiscent of "Shady Grady" from Sanford & Son)

Luther's been stuck on cool since the day he was born. Luther never wet the bed when he was a kid and he was flat out poddy trained when he was just nine months old, THAT's how cool Luther cool you can just drop the "L" off the word and he's just plain old "coo..." maybe even with a "k"...yup, that's right, koo with a "k"

Why am I telling all of you this? 'Cause it's 2 am and I'm tired senseless.

Do yourself a favor and get to kow Luther while the gettin's good. Just who is Luther Lovewright....good question.

Luther Lovewright has perfect cursive and never uses abbreviations. Never.

Luther Lovewright doesn't look like he's from around here but everyone stops and asks him directions anyway.

Miller High Life is still in a clear bottle because Luther says so.

Luther Lovewright invented the t-shirt.

Luther Lovewright doesn't even flinch when you say the word "vagina."

You're gonna love us.


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