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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day...might as well start early!

Zo star hoodie

Mothers Day began at about 4:30 am in this took an intermission from 5 am until about 7:30am and it's been on full speed ahead ever since. No problem, it just means more hours of motherly motherness for Junie...and Baachan...and we make our rounds today. We gotta get this funster into a car seat and get gone. There's Moms out there!

Happy Mom Day quit reading this blog and go pay attention to a Mom, preferably your own Mom. Leave other people's Mom's alone unless of course they solicit the attention then chuck it at 'em and know that you were just doing your part.

There's sentimental crap I should probably write here but I'll save you the sappiness and just say that the Moms in my life are practically perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins except without the accent or bottomless handbag.


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