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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zoey vs. Derek Jeter...

Bri-June-Zoey - Comerica Yankees game April 29-09

Zoey doesn't hate Derek Jeter, she's being brainwashed to hassle the guy whenever she sees him. First she got all over his case in Toronto at the World Baseball Classic...and now in her first trip to Comerica Park in Detroit she heckled the guy again...It was mostly a lot of crying and then some snoring but it was all aimed at #2 in the grey uniform.

It was a little cold...the Tigers played a little crappy...and Joel Zumaya looks like he lost 25 lbs...everything considered it was a solid first night at the ballpark for the Zedder. We did learn a few things...

Day games might be more Zoey's kind of thing...

Despite advertising $5 Skyline seats there aren't any...ever...maybe never...

Even bigger strollers are allowed in there! Or so it seemed...

Two Miller Lites and a bag of peanuts costs $20 US if you tip...whoa.

Zoey is pretty infatuated with the jumbotron...and other people's conversations.

If you subtract the whole "playing crappy" part from the Tigers performance tonight Zoey would have gotten a pretty nice first night at the ballpark...if you factor it in well she's just happy she got to go with Uncle Ian too.

Ian-Zo-Yankees game April 29-09


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