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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Thunderous Train of Air...for free

This explains a lot...or at least offers up an idea that might possibly explain a lot.

I'd like my daughter to see this someday because she won't get this at PS 193 or H.W. Burgess Elementary or any other educational institution until it's far too late and she's had to pay for it. This kind of stuff should be free, so here it is...enjoy.

Elizabeth Gilbert - A different way to think about creative genius

On a remarkable post note a quick Google search found that PS 193 in Brooklyn is the Gil Hodges School, a public elementary school for gifted, those funsters would likely hear this sort of thing without having to wait until their tuition cheque clears.

By the way...our new favorite words around here are "Odious" and "Capriciousness"...when used correctly, smile inducers, both of 'em


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