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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Sunshiny Laid Back Final Four Day...spent inside.

Zoey mom knee 2

It's Final Four time! Even Zoey knows it...she's been all jacked up all day. She's been hanging out in front of the TV waiting for MSU and UConn at 6:00 pm. There's been floor time, playpen time, shoulder time, couch time and now knee time. The latest thing has Zoey chillin' out on Mom's knees just checking out the action. She's a pretty strong kid and she'll hold her head up forever just taking in the scene. Today's action just happens to be the Final Four.

Pay attention 'cause you might never hear me say this again...Go State.

Wow...I hope Zoey never reads this.

It's a beauty, bright day outside...and we'll enjoy none of it save whatever slips through the window. It's Final Four day...what are you doing outside?


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