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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunny Saturday morning with ZERO obligations...bummer.

Zoey w lake background Apr09's Saturday! We've got nothing to do which is both good and bad but we're leaning on the good side because we don't want to be negative types. When feel like being a negative type I'm really going for it, not wasting it on a bored Saturday sentiment.

Ian's home...although probably hungover and sleeping under a picnic table on Barney's patio in London as I type this.

The sun is out...although rain is expected.

Zoey woke up smiling and is pretty relieved that the CAW reached a tentative agreement with Chrysler.

Dad feels like going off in search of:

A/ A good bookstore

B/ A cool new record store

C/ A place to buy old baseball cards

D/ Some place that will just give him free money

If you know of any places like that in the greater Detroit Metropolitan area get in touch. We'll be the people with the disgustingly cute kid and the somewhat eager but bored looks on our faces....we might be dragging a half-Japanese looking hungover mess of a man with us too.


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