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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sunday Sweep at Fenway while Zoey roars through diapers

Zoey new change table Apr 09

What started out as a soft Sunday...a weak one with few prospects...turned into the most eventful Sunday since was both the NFL and church were invented. We got rolling early and headed for IKEA down in Canton, MI. It was 12 degrees C when we left Sarnia and 28 by the time we got to Canton, a whole hour away. We dumped some money on "the man's lap and bought Zo a new kick @#$ change table and high chair, and scored ourselves a new el cheapo table for our much-too-large TV to make room for the much-too-large sectional sofa we found just a week ago, again el cheapo...that's a disturbing trend in the DeWagnerelli household...but that's how we roll.

Then we get home and settle in for a wide awake Zoey and a Red Sox sweep of the Yanks...there's been worse when Sunday school was invented. That Sunday sucked.

My favorite part of the day was when Zoey ripped through about four diapers in five minutes while Dad did his best to keep up and Mom built Ikea furniture...role reversals aren't really much fun when one of the roles involves copious amounts of shit...I mean poop...nope, I meant shit. So while the Sox' Jacoby Ellsbury (one of Dad's favorites) was stealing home Zo's uber-patient Dad was knuckle deep in yellow goey poo...awesome! There'll be highlights eventually right? Of the steal not the poop.

Anyway, check out Zo's new crap table...

Change table

And her new food spilling receptacle...

High chair

And here's our new sectional sofa that neither us or Zoey should be crapping on or using as a food receptacle even though we know it'll be both eventually...BTW...that's not our house. Our house is a very very very fine house, with two swings in the yard etc...etc... but that's not our house...

sofa 1

And just because we's what we missed while mining for poo in our daughters diapers...


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