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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Sunday Randomness with a side order of random stuff

I know the rules...I should really be sleeping when I have the chance but, like Zo, there's far too much to distract me. Like waking up at 7am on a Sunday just to make a morning playlist, you know, something to make the coffee work correctly.

I could hear Zed awake in her room all coos and cahs and boring her bear with a pretty one sided conversation...not so much because the bear doesn't really talk but because Zoey doesn't really stop to allow for any bearservations or beardeas to rise to the surface. She just talks and talks and that damn bear can listen or she'll get a new bear, I guess. Not a word in edgewise for that poor bear. While we're right here and the word is still right there in the rearview mirror, what the schmanck does "edgewise" mean anyway? Dunno why it only took three decades for that particular curiosity to bubble up to the surface but it really makes no sense...edgewise? Hmmph? (insert head scratch here)

It's a crumby looking morning, especially after an amazing looking yesterday, so it might take some rallying to accomplish anything in today's post-beautiful day fog. There's no plan in place for this bummer of a weekend ending (that should really be just one word -- either an official but awfully misleading sounding weekending or the awesome-incredible sounding weekendending, kind of like schfourteenteen -- I vote for the second one) and so we'll have to wing it. Something dumb sounds fun, but what? Better get that coffee brewing before Zo's all talked out.

What You Might Expect This Week

- More Daddy Rules

- a largely pointless rant on the confusing intricacies of assumed friendships and the vast impact of not really giving a #$%&!

- With luck, some hilarious kid photos from the Brian & June archives

- The Semi-Official Brian & June timeline (a printable fold out poster if you happen to be stalking us)

- the Oh-so Official Em Cooper sketchbook and idea smorgasbord

- Probably more unsolicited pictures and playlists

BTW...every ounce of music spewing from Band of Horses is probably going to consume me for weeks. It's gonna be ugly.


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