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Monday, April 27, 2009

Peace and Glory...Let Me Follow You

Zoey looking over Moms arm Apr 09

My new favorite thing on the planet is "Look at You" by My Morning Jacket...I can't stop listening to it, and similarly I spent the post-work hours playing with the Zedder to an MMJ soundtrack with tears in my wussy eyes...I'm such a sap (sap sounds better than wuss) but I can't seem to stop with the disgusting sentimentality.

BTW...If you're not listening to this song you just discussion...really, none.

On a far less accusatory and self-righteous note...a friend of mine, let's call her Stacey, showed me some pretty amazing photos of her kids today and I was genuinely interested and sincerely impressed which I never, ever would have been in ever, ever, ever...but now, well, I just get it. It helps that her kids are absolutely paralyzingly beautiful but now I understand the whole infatuation thing. When they're yours they're perfect, and oddly sometimes even when they're not yours they're perfect. Nice job Stace, awesome DNA and chromosomal input...I'm impressed.

On more self-righteous note I really meant it when I said that if you're not listening to "Look at You" that you suck. Sorry, I did mean it and sorry, you really do just suck.


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