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Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening Day in Detroit & Aunt Netta's lovin' up Curtis Granderson

Netta and Curtis Granderson FAKE

Good morning Opening Day. How are you? I'm fine. I'd be better if you provided Detroit with a win today. That'd be awfully nice of you, downright philanthropic considering the Tigers first week of the season.

Things are looking good for the day...there's no snow, just a tiny bit of wind that all those empty downtown buildings will surely dampen and dissipate, it's 9:50 am and I'm not at Cheli's drunk and fleeced of $50 already, with nothing more than a crappy clipboard for my troubles (long story)...and Aunt Netta's already manhandling Curtis Granderson. She is, and it's shameless...of course it's really just Zoey in a Granderson jersey tee but it's fun to imagine Netta hanging all over the real Curtis Granderson. She'd be in jail this morning for all of the hugging, kissing and fondling type behaviour this fake Curtis Granderson is getting from her Aunt. There'd be restraining orders and the whole deal, so naturally were also feeling very fortunate this morning that Aunt Netta isn't a real life honest to goodness stalker with absolutely no sense of personal space or appropriate social behaviour. She's allowed to get all touchy with you, you're her niece. We are, however, making it perfectly clear to Aunt Netta that this kind of behaviour is only tolerable in our living room and not with the real Curtis Granderson. I think she understands.

Anyway...Opening Day! Woohooooooo! And we don't even have to lie to get out of work! I think it's Good Friday or somethin'?

We got to wake up to a leisurely morning of monster poops, unfathomably giant & gross barfs and June's weird indecisiveness at breakfast time. Neither Zoey or myself have ever seen her so befuddled over the usual banana or muffin conundrum. Perhaps she's just thrown off by the whole Opening Day thing...even though this year "Opening Day" is closely resembling every other day at our house. Not much of an explanation for June's odd nutritional paralyzation but it's all we got.

Breakfast June


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