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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More rules from the guy that shouldn't be making them...

Unsolicited advice is a fathers right for enduring no less than 3 months of virtually not existing at the beginning of his child's life (that's an exaggeration, naturally) and so here you have rules #11 through 20.

Rule No. 11
The good news is that you are really only operating at a fraction of your true potential throughout most of your life, so…

Rule No. 12
You will never be as impressed with your Dad’s collection of sports memorabilia as he is, but're going to inherit it.

Rule No. 13
A male boss will usually notice who does the best job but a female boss will acknowledge that AND she'll always notice your shoes. Sometimes the shoes will impress as much as the work. Don't think that she's not noticing a guys shoes either 'cause she is.

Rule No. 14
You should be done with washcloths by the time you’re a teenager…girls get an extra couple of years use out of them but no one knows why?

Rule No. 15
Boys…guys…men…shouldn’t make you cry…ever. Write that down.

Rule No. 16
Never trust someone with really memorable hair…I’m not joking.

Rule No. 17
Once you pull yourself out of the hole that is adolescence aspire to be the kind of person your grandparents think you are.

Rule No. 18
Men are overwhelmingly either full of shit or often much less than they portray themselves to be. If a man is everything that people say he is you better know his name.

Rule No. 19
Style not fashion.

Rule No. 20
James Dean gets remembered but Paul Newman gets mourned. There's a lesson in there somewhere...


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