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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning Saturday...Happy Record Store Day!

Zoey Michigan Blanket

Zoey and Dad woke up with big expectations today. It's Record Store Day and we're taking a trip downtown to peruse the racks, surely an enterprise Zoey will never, ever enjoy as an adolescent. So goes the business of uber-quirky and hip but rapidly disappearing record stores. I feel bad for her...but she gets to hang out in one today and there could be worse ways to spend a sunny Saturday morning.

Our agenda today is to find Van Morrison - Live at the Hollywood Bowl and buy the bugger, then grab a few other enjoyables with our own hands, no web browser needed, and scoot home for some sun and waves and blue skies, some grass between our toes, some sand too, and that smell of charcoal and burnt animal tofurkey burgers here. There'll be meat on the grill to accompany our newest musical indulgences and all that sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, and looking out the window at a lake that might as well be an ocean (for those people who wouldn't know otherwise) it strikes me that we need to get Kevin Bergquist shirtless and squeeling across the sand this summer as I recall he's a bit of a beach freak and that Southern Illinois does little to quench that insatiable thirst for sunscreen mixed with sand and wet clingy shorts that find you grabbing and stretching fabric that shouldn't be so clingy and...well, we could go on forever. We're outta here from mid-July to late August so we'll have to co-ordinate something with Kevin's people (that means Aimee, Harmon and the Simonator). If the world works the way I think it does this feat will be nearly impossible considering conflicting schedules, unpredictable and often times sketchy Great Lakes weather patterns, reality, and Murphy's Law....but we'll try.

Whoa...gotta go. Just fielded a phone call about a yard sale with a bunch of autgraphed baseballs and an old game used Tigers batting helmet! Sorry to be so abrupt but c'mon!

Back soon.


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