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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friend...Bad News...Sincere Sentiments

Aside from the sickness that's consumed me these last few days just about everything in my life is rock solid, so it threw me for a bit of a loop to discover in the most unlikely of ways that a very good friend's Pops had passed away several days ago. "A bit of a loop," is probably not accurate enough of a statement.

Our good friend Dustin is one of those first rate fellas, the kind you wish you could have inhabiting your every day and week for several decades, if not an entire lifetime. He's easily one of my Top 5 Favorite people to just "be around," and I think if you were to consider the significance of just wanting to be around someone you'll have, perhaps, a distant approximation of how I feel about Dustin. Just a friend of a friend of a friend who turned into a Top Fiver without much effort at all. Boyo just slipped into the Top Five as easily Emmitt Smith used to slip out of the back field. He's a keeper. It was a blow and a half to hear the news and we here in this household have nothing of any value to offer or utter. I can't imagine the loss.

Tonight I go home to a lot of amazingness. It's a good house full of everything a person needs. Maybe some of it could rub off, so D-Funk and Kel...anytime you need sand and waves and unabashed affection, you know where we live. Zoey would be excited to meet you, I'm sure of it. I'm pretty biased but those blue eyes of hers fix just about anything.


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