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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Freakdom with a side order of sunshine

It’s hot out! Holy mother of Jeffrey Jordan it’s nice outside. Naturally Dad’s at work, but he’s counting down the hours until he can break out of this joint…typing government reports today and the only thing worse would be if he was reading government reports today. Zo and Mom are surely out enjoying the afternoon…spoiled rotten princesseseses.

The Zed seems to have shaken her cold and has rallied into her usual full-on happy self, which of late could be defined by:

- Playing coy when you get her to smile
- Freaking out when she, ahem, soils herself
- Sitting up in her Bumbo chair and watching baseball…a habit we probably should break
- Sleeping for giant, glorious 8 and 9 hour stretches..a habit we think we’ll keep
- Riding comfortably and more importantly peacefully in Mom’s homemade wrap
- Cruising silently on road trips
- Eating at the Kaede June Café almost exactly every hour and a half
- Falling asleep with Dad via endless laps of the house and fruitless conversation
- Happy, smiley floor time

She shone through this whole sick thing like a champ…of course, it helped that she had absolutely no idea what was happening to her but she rolled on admirably.

Now it’s nice weather and time to plan for the first ever Summer of Zed. The plans could be summarized as thus:

- Find a cool place to live with cool things to do from mid July to late-August
- Scoop as many outdoor concerts as possible since neither Zo nor her parents are up for the ridiculousness of dragging an infant to an indoor event.
- Establish a solid and easy peasy baseball game ritual so that we can attend without undue duress.
- Get a baby Zoey beach set-up organized so the Zed can enjoy her own backyard in what is surely one of the few remaining summers she’ll have there.
- Manage a visit up to Penetang to see the Samsquench and his rentals
- Get to Wrigley Field

Is it 4:30pm yet? C’mon's like 70 degrees outside. Uhhhhhh...


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