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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kirk Gibson my a$$...nice try though

Zo outside April 18-09

So we pack up in three seconds and fly on down to this yard sale with Tiger memorabilia only to discover that the guy was SO full of shit...fella tells us that a plastic first ten thousand thru the gates crappy batting helmet was worn by Kirk Gibson! Are you f#$%ing kidding me loser boy? It says right under the brim "not to be used as protective head gear you idiot! Nice try...same with the autographed baseball by two random 1985 Tigers that I'd never heard of. Mihoko called to tell us about all the goods and she was genuinely excited...thanks a lot for lying to a first generation North American with sweet and sincere intentions you arse plug.


We got a medium sized visit in with Grandad and Baachan anyway...scooted back to the lake and got to score a Record Store Day stop in between. Dad made out like a bandit with the one day only release of My Morning Jacket's "Celebracion de la cuidad natal", a Gomez single and MMJ's Evil Urges on vinyl...all that AND we got to soak up some sun in the Kevin Bergquist-less backyard. June and the Zedder were killing me with their uber-sweetness...sunny days look good on this family!

June Zo Lake April 18 -09

Zo was as cool as Paul Newman all day and once the sun went down we settled into some Dave Matthews Band Live at Piedmont Park on DVD. Zo was quite smitten with Stefan Lessard and who could blame her. She watched intently from her Bumbo chair without as much as a peep for an hour. I'd bet a Gretzky rookie card that she ends up making up for all this mega excellence with absolute bard-like behaviour at age 17...You know, wreckin' cars, bringing home the wrong guy, flunking out of community college, etc...She's too good right now not to pay us back tenfold.

Zo watching DMB

Zed even got a quick visit in with Grandma and Grandpa today. They stopped on their way thu town and doled out some love for the Z-girl. She appreciated it and then quickly went inside and fell asleep without remorse.


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