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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Run Innings vs. multiple Game 7s

Daddy likes baseball, so what? Daddy likes baseball so much that he doesn’t watch playoff hockey. He doesn’t care what you think, not really. He’s annoyed at your snobbery, or by your admonishment each and every time he tells you that he doesn’t care, because the truth is, well, he doesn’t. Game sevens schmevens, so what? Instead he watched the Tigers implode in the 7th inning and give up ten runs to the thus far hapless Yankees and look a lot more like last year’s Tigers than this years. According to the Elias Sports Bureau no team had broken up a scoreless tie after the sixth with a 10-run inning since the Cincinnati Reds scored 10 in the top of the 13th against the Brooklyn Dodgers on May 15, 1919. This wasn’t an extra inning fade though, no, this was a seventh inning collapse and Dad watched all of it. Sure he missed New Jersey scoring two goals in 1:10th of a millisecond and sure he missed the Rangers fall apart to lose a series that once seemed over. Sure he missed all that but here’s the kicker…he doesn’t care.

Sheesh…you’d think a guy wouldn’t have to explain that.

I dunno what happened to me and hockey, we used to like one another, but somehow over the years I started to care less…somehow over the years the game itself shifted and changed, as did I, and the television rarely tuned in, I found far fewer ticket stubs in my pocket and on my desk, and I even stopped venturing to the arena even when I was getting paid to do so. Somehow I just stopped caring. I especially stopped caring once the baseball season started.

There’s a lesson in all this…maybe?

Zoey…just do what you do…like what you like…find fun and excitement in whatever provides you with the kind of fun and excitement you’re looking for. You know, make sure it’s legal and all that…don’t ever hurt anyone seeking the things that you seek, but do what you want, when you want, and how you want. If you’re making mistakes you’ll hear about it. If you’re messing things up, someone will let you know, but don’t let other people influence your discretion, independence, or curiosity. Why? Mostly ‘cause other people suck…not that you’re any better, in their eyes you probably suck too… but those sucky other people don’t have your particular individual experiences and perspectives and hopes and…and…and…so you just do what you do and don’t worry about the rest.

Why the unsolicited advice?

Well, first, you’re much too little (and lacking of language skills) to ask for it.

Secondly, I’ve crossed paths with an inordinate number of people today who are judging me and subsequently hassling me because I didn’t watch either Game 7 last night (were the Detroit Red Wings or Edmonton Oilers playing last night? Nope, so who cares) as if it were mandatory for all voting Canadians, and so it crossed my mind that I should release all of that negative energy back into the universe with a subtle and very sneaky behind-their-back dump on them in a public forum.

Lastly, I’m trying to avoid some of my responsibilities at work this morning.

How’s that for why?

As I sit here this morning, here are the most popular distractions in my head as I waste away a perfectly good week in late April.

1. Zoey’s been changing an awful lot. She’s bigger. She doesn’t necessarily want to backstroke laps around the house with Dad anymore before she slips off to sleep. She’s happy to converse and reach for things and sit idly when idle sitting is required. She likes to rouse Mom early in the morning now, and for no less than 45 min. at a time. Like David Bowie said…Ch-ch-ch-changes…

2. My wife is practically perfect…like Mary Poppins but better.

3. Our house is starting to look different because we’ve decided that a decade is way more than long enough to be uncomfortable and apathetic.

4. The Tigers don’t suck, and the Red Sox are crazy-exciting to watch still, and the Dodgers experiment isn’t working out so good.

5. Can we possibly string together more than two nice days in a row?

6. I really need to find some balance between obligations and attentions at work.

7. The Lions draft seemed to suck but what do I know and why do I care?

8. The Federal Government are taking an awful lot of money from me.

9. I gotta get in better shape or Zoey is gonna kill me when she starts running around and weighing upwards of 20 lbs.

10. Where did all our friends go?


274. Swine flu

275. Kim Jung Il

276. American Idol

277. NHL playoffs that don’t include the Detroit Red Wings


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