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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zoey's a popular little girl...hope it doesn't go to her head

Zoey stats

Check out these absolutely ridiculous stats on The Zoey Blog. It kinda blew me away. Zo turned a month old two days ago and BLAM...1500 hits. If this kid gets cocky she's out on her ear!

We chucked an invisible stat counter onto the site and it's been awesome. We can see who's been on the site and when...even for how long etc...It's been a great way to see who's checkin' in on us here. Lots of hits from Chilliwack BC...dunno who that is? Somebody that likes us though...Gail maybe? One of the coolest ladies ever, so that'd be alright by us. A bunch of hits from Ann Arbor...mostly Kevin and Aimee, and some drive bys from Japan and Oregon and California, NYC, etc...

Wherever you're dropping in from keep stoppin' by...we love you for it and Zoey will smile someday when she knows how many cool people out there actually care about her existence.

I'm serious about that cocky thing though. The minute she starts talking trash she's moving out to Chilliwack, regardless of who's floatin' us some love from way out there. This kid gets an ego and they've just inherited a Zedder.


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