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Monday, February 9, 2009

Zoey’s Peers are Hilarious, Look at ‘em…

So although Zoey doesn’t really have any friends just yet…wow, that sounds pathetic…she does have some pretty interesting peers. By peers we mean those chid-ren within a year of her. Actually by peers we mean those infants of friends who’s photos made us snort up our milk (typically Zoey’s domain)…

So here are a few of the funsters that Zoey will either see regularly, see once in awhile or meet in college.

The Sammer – a by-product of Brian’s cousin Scott and his wife Stacey’s voluminous love. He was born in May ’08 and probably will never own his own car or drive for that matter. He will constantly be bumming rides off of Zo.

Sammer, or as we like to call him Sammy Davis Gamgee Adams Malone Cooper Jr. the 5th is officially Zo’s second cousin but unofficially he’s a sure fire bet for an adventure and mischief partner for the rest of her life. “The Sam” lives quite a distance away so it’ll take some effort to get the two of them together but we’re confident we can manage the task.

We see a bright future for this relationship, a future in which Sam calls Zo when he gets thrown in the klink on Spring Break and Zo subsequently bails him out using her Dad’s credit card ‘cause that’s how lil’ Zo rolls…always got your back, with someone else’s cash. They’ll eventually end up living in the same city and warning one another off of relationships with their close friends. Neither will listen to the other and both will end up standing up in the same wedding as the other approx. 14 times. It’s gonna be ridiculous.

The Simmer (pronounced Sy-mer) - The second child of Kevin and Aimee Bergquist of Ann Arbor Michigan. His real name is Simon Abner and he may only meet Zo a few times before they inevitably date in college. Look at him in those star laden pj’s…He’s full of ‘tude already. Zo doesn’t stand a chance.
Simon Abner

Simon Abner Bergquist is gonna ruin my daughter. We’ve already predicted a short college fling with disasterous results (mostly Zo’s fault) that ends up with Zoey backpacking through Europe and Dad footing the bill. Naturally, as parents we’ll like Simon (Brian will be the only one who refers to him as The Simmer) and wish that he was the one, unfortunately Zoey will be unable to commit and she'll sabotage the whole thing. She'll eventually bring home one of Andrade’s seventeen kids and we’ll have to pay for the wedding and the divorce…all in the same friggin' year. Damned Michigan Sports Info Dept…you ruined my life!


Blogger said...

thanks for the Sammy nod, Bri. he's stoked to be a part of Zoey's future pals. one day he'll get his own car and tell us to suck it, he's heading to Zo's dorm room at Columbia.

February 13, 2009 at 3:09 PM  

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