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Monday, February 23, 2009

Zoey hits the road...not literally, of course

Our good fortune with this beeb just keeps on a flowing. We slipped up to Toronto this weekend for some time with Scott and Stace, a chance for Uncle Ian to meet his niece, and the overdue opportunity to grab some fun. Turns out with this little bundle of good times things might be easier than we thought.

Not a single issue with Zo on the trip up, she was conked out for the entire drive. We regularly count our blessings with car travel and the Zedder. She’s been nothing but a champ and we know how crippled we’d be if she weren’t. She slept right through her first valet experience, check in, the elevator ride up to our floor, and then barely shook loose the cobwebs to eat lunch. Both June and I were flabbergasted…we actually weren’t flabbergasted, I just wanted to use that word. It also seems to me that the word “flabbergasted” should have a letter “H” right after the “G”…you know, like ghastly does. It seems to make perfect sense but who are we to go changing what Merriam-Webster has set in stone?

We set up shop at the Fairmont Royal York and took visitors like we were promoting a film...little Samsquench arrived and June and I got our first in-person glimpse of the funster while Scott and Stace enjoyed the same with Zo. It was a blast, certainly much more fun that I would have thought something like that could be ten years earlier. Samsquench and Zedder were all rolling around the bed checking one another out. There were squeals of laughter and tears and some sweater pulling. I know, sounds like a random Friday night in college but keep in mind that these two are relatives and that they are also babies, and then shame your wicked self for even giggling at that.

The six of us (how weird is that?) tackled our first big adventure, and error in judgment, as we braved the cold and hiked the kiddies on over to the Eaton Centre for some warm indoor distractions. With the exception of stretching our legs, wandering aimlessly with people we love, and a really kick ass hat that the Sammer scored it was pretty much a trip to the mall capped off with the equivalent of a bid for the summit of Everest on our walk home to the hotel. By the time we got back out on the street it was a full on blizzard downtown and we hustled our hides back to the swanky confines of 100 Front Street West. Cookie (Stace for any of you not literate in Scooper lingo) walks faster than anyone I know and also enjoys the honor of attracting more snow than anyone I know as well. When we finally caught a glimpse of one another in the hotel lobby we all managed to look fairly composed, except Cook who had approx. 3 inches of snow clinging to her every limb. She looked like a jelly donut, you know, minus the jelly…actually minus everything but the frosting, so I guess she looked more like…forget it. My first mistake was making a jelly donut analogy with a girl in the first place. Cook looked wonderful but snowy…verrrry snowy.

The Samsquench wasn’t all that pleased with his first Zo adventure, as I’m sure he won’t be when he wakes up in that jail cell in Montreal 18 years from now, but he hammered on through it with some dignity and recuperated, or perhaps we should say recooperated just a little colder and snowier (not a word, I know) for his efforts. He actually had every reason to be a little cranked out at his surprise adventure since it was a pretty hairy wind whipping snow through the makeshift wind tunnels that downtown turns into during a storm. Getting back to the hotel was a damn Farley Mowat book with baby strollers. We knew the instant we stepped from the warmth of the Hudson’s Bay Company that we had tackled something stupid.

Before the evening was out we scored a visit from Andrew and Michelle (Coop and Mitch for the uninformed) and turned the night into a regular rotating door of loved ones. If you divided how much we adore Coop and Mitch by a factor of ten you’d still have a degree of affection so large that Stephen Hawking would have trouble with the math so it was pretty awesome to see them after adventuring with our other three most favorite people this side of Santa Claus and Eddie Vedder.

As if the weekend couldn’t get any better we had Uncle Ian catching his first glimpse of the Zedder on Sunday afternoon. He was boiled happy and she seemed to like him just fine so the cameras were clicking and June was grinning and all was right with the world.

Weekends don’t get a whole lot better in terms of surrounding yourself with people you truly dig. We nabbed Uncle Ian and Aunt Netta, Scitty and Cook avec the Samsquench, and Coop and Mitch all in a 24 hour period. That’s more efficient than an Obama campaign stop. It made for a stellar weekend that’s for sure…AND gave birth to the latest of children’s books falling out of the beach house presses…

SAMSQUENCH & ZEDDER…a Caldecott winner fer shur.

Look for pics of the weekend a little later. Junie forgot her camera in Mississauga. We'll get 'em up here pronto. Cook took some schweet ones so we'll try to get a few 'o dem too.


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