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Friday, February 20, 2009

Zoey hits the style

It's a big day tomorrow. Lil' Zo is headed to Toronto to visit her friend Sam and get introduced to Uncle Scitty and Aunt Roo. She's excited, you can tell by how easily she's been filling her diapers all day. We're staying at the Royal York Hotel downtown so she's also doing this first trip into the city with some serious style.

She's also going to meet her Uncle Ian on Sunday for the very first time! Ian's flying in from Red Lake for a wedding and is eager as a beaver to meet his one month old niece. Yeah, you heard that right...ONE MONTH OLD...Zoey has been on the planet sans umbilical cord for 26 days already! That's crazy! Almost as crazy as not meeting all those people already.

On a side note both June and I will be getting our first in-person glimpse of the Samsquench this weekend! We're pretty excited to meet little Sammy Sosa Malone Davis Jr. the fifth. We're embarrassed that it's taken this long.

It's a big weekend boyo...


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