Wednesday, February 18, 2009

YMCA sign pic

Zoey had a little party at the YMCA today...uhmmm, it was her 23 day old party! Y staff grabbed some cake and well wishes and chucked 'em at us which was nice except the cake part...they didn't really chuck any cake.

Pseudo-Aunt Michelle Smith was all over Zo the minute she tripped into the room from the car and we were so on the ball we got exactly zero pictures. That's how we roll.

Everyone was so sweet. Barb McRitchie was tripping over herself to get a peek at the Zedder and Tracey Bolzon (of notorious "Summer of Bolzon" fame) was super kind and eager as well. Stacey Ross grabbed hold of Zo after putting down June's gift of mesh hospital underwear... weird inside joke type thing...and Erin, Flo, etc...all took hold of the funster. Zoey was perfect for all of it. She didn't put up any kind of fuss until a little later when the tired-zies were obviously drifting in...She stayed for almost three and a half hours and that's enough to tucker a 23 day old out it seems.

Great big giant smile type thanks to the Esso YMCA Learning & Career Centre and the LKDSB Alternative Learning Centre staff for being so cool to us. Zo scored her very first "big girl" dress from the Bolzons while Mom and Dad nabbed some killer lookin' Malbec from the coolest family we know, those same Bolzons...the staff all slapped together a WAY too generous gift certificate from Babies 'R Us for the Z-Girl and it was a gesture and half that we appreciate beyond this blog's ability to articulate.

Man, Daddy might not make much money but he's surrounded with the coolest people at every stop.

Thanks YMCA and to everyone at the school too. You guys are kinda alright in our books.

BTW...Sonic Youth's "Superstar" is bloody great...I mean great. Sorry, just an FYI type BTW thing for all you BFF's. TTYL.


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