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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zedder Meets Liam...gets accosted with affection

Liam and Zoey - Feb 27

What's a Friday night without a little affection? Honestly, if you're too lazy or disinclined to go looking for love on any Friday night at any age you're just not trying hard enough. Bake a pizza with your wife, rent a movie, skootch in tight on the couch...go out for something to make some laughs out of nuthin'...but for God's sake do something.

Zoey spent her Friday night getting hugged and loved up by Stu and Anne's little feller, Liam. He was more inclined to pay attention to the Little Einstein DVD that was flashing across the television screen than he was to the boob drunk babe sitting next to him on the sofa but we did get some pics snapped and he did offer up some sweet affection before we left. I don't think it takes much effort for Liam to let the love flow...He's kind of like his Dad that way but we'll tell those stories when he's much older and more easily embarrassed.

It was a late night for everyone. I don't think we got back to the house until after 1am and Zo was cool with that...of course, it's easy to be cool with something when you're passed out cold. There used to a time, not all that long ago, that it would have been Dad or Mom doing the passing out (Dad did a passable impression of the phenomenon on the way home from Delaware last night).

Now we're stuck with a couple of dreary eyed funsters (Dad and Zo) and a relatively vibrant (as always) Mom. We need a Saturday plan! The overwhelming factors we need to consider are these:

Zoey still doesn't have any ID to cross the border, so unless we hide can make some kind of sturdy argument that Zo's travel habits could jive with some kind of vague Free Trade clause somewhere, we're marooned in Canada.

There's not much entertainment action in late February in Southwestern Ontario that isn't a/ Shopping b/ Visiting c/ Movies d/ Hockey games e/ Sleeping

You can't watch "The Big Lebowski" or the UCLA - Cal game at other people's houses without asking first and even then there's a sense of imposition.

It's as cold as Dontrelle Willis' MLB career right now... -14 degrees or something similarly stupid.

We woke up to a smiling baby and on most days that's good enough but today we're feeling a little restless. The sun is out and the sky is blue, it would be some good driving if we could find a destination. We've got breakfast on our minds after flipping through this months' GQ and Esquire Magazines since they were both so kind as to offer up monster sized "Breakfast in America" the coffee is brewing and the bacon is on while we listen to a little Bruce and "Racing in the Street" to get our heads wrapped around an empty Saturday. It feels more like a Josh Rouse "Saturday" today than a Bruce Springsteen one. Once we get going I'm sure that will become more clear but right now the morning feels ripe with falsetto "hell yeah's" and strained middle western indie crooning, not at all like Jersey wailing. Right now it feels free and easy, not CSNY "free and easy" just a regular kind of free and easy.

So far the best part of this barren day has been watching Zo discover that the toy dangling from her bouncy chair is actuall for her entertainment. She used to hit by accident but just this morning she mustered some muscle co-ordination and connected that new skill with what happens when you actually hit the toy on purpose. The result was a supernormous grin and June squealing with pride. Regardless of soundtrack or destination that one might be a hard one to top.


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