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Monday, February 16, 2009

We're a little confused about some things...a lot of things

Goofy faced Zo BW

So it seems as though letting go of every single pre-conception you've ever had about parenthood is the trick to all of this. Absolutely nothing makes much sense, no rules apply, and not a single thing means what you think it means, but that's okay. It's kind of liberating, I mean, if you can remind yourself of that every time you start to stutter and drool on yourself.
We've been pretty lucky. Lil' Zo sleeps like a champion and doesn't fuss too much malls, car rides, strip joints...everywhere. Of course, we were just kidding about the shopping mall thing, so don't start calling your local police.

Here are the Top Ten Most Confusing Things After Three Weeks of Parenting

1. Differentiating between poop faces and "you're pissing me off" faces

2. Why Zoey's head doesn't explode when she gets all amped up but doesn't release it until she's turned four shades of red.

3. Why between the hours of 10pm and 12pm she loses her freakin' mind and then just falls asleep.

4. How June can manage that whole breast feeding gong show.

5. Why we suddenly drink a lot of tea?

6. Whether Pampers or Huggies are better and how we actually got to give a damn.

7. Why it took so long to eat a meal pre-baby but how post-baby translates into two and a half minute scarf-fests.

8. Why we felt the need to sleep so much before.

9. How the sound of a running bath tub can do what two college educated parents can't.

10. At 3am wondering why we would ever consider paying for this little brats college education

For more awesome (if not entirely ridiculous) photographs of Zo acting like a git check out June's Flickr page...give her a few days to wrench Zo off of her chest.


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