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Thursday, February 12, 2009

An update with weird Laverne & Shirley references

When we woke up this morning we realized that Zoey will be three weeks old on Monday...which means that 10 days from now she'll be one month old...which means... No, no more which means...

Time slips by so fast when you're not sleeping or leaving your house. Tossing the jokes aside, we've been really fortunate so far. Lil' Zo sleeps great for the most part...sometimes not so great...and she eats fine. She doesn't make too much of a fuss at all. Of course, we have absolutely no frame of reference here...none, so perhaps she's awful and we're just super optimistic about the whole thing? Who knows? Either way, the days fly past pretty quick.

The dynamic in three weeks time has fallen together like this...

Zoey and June are kinda like Laverne & Shirley...kinda inseparable but in a healthy way. I'm unfortunate enough to have slipped into the Carmine Ragusso role, making occasional appearances and somehow always managing some really bad hair. At this point we've really only got Aunt Anette and Baachan to take on the roles of Lenny & Squiggy but we couldn't tell you which one was which just yet.

June is breastfeeding so Zoey doesn't like to get too far from her own personal Drive-thru and usually when she's teary or good with the lungs its food and Mom that she wants. Dad is good for tolerating screaming, buying Mom time to shower etc...and falling asleep with...that's about it. Dad can manage diaper changes and help with baths as well but he smells more of Irish Spring than milk and so at this point Mom outranks him in popularity.

June's got a full year off, naturally (SOOOOO thankful to be living in Canada if only just for that!), and is hanging out with Zo at home most days. Now that Zoey is approaching the ancient age of four freaky weeks old I'm sure that the two of them will be venturing out more. The first few weeks were just for hanging on and then February weather makes it even easier to stay hunkered down.

Unfortunately Dad has to go to work each day and work hard at bringing home headaches and hang-ups to share with everyone...that's his sworn duty. When I get home I hope to see a happy Laverne & Shirley in which case I can breathe easy and know that I can be of some use that night. I can steal Zo away for a nap or to enlighten her on the difficulty of building schools in the Himalayan region of Pakistan (we 've been reading "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson) or to lay back and decide if we really like Bach more than Josh Rouse...lots of different stuff steals our attention...IF Zo is enjoying her day. If she is not, Dad tends to look like a prison guard.

We've been letting her wail away...mostly because we can't stop it anyway, but also because it can be kind of funny (please don't call Children's Aid). She's still got that silly donkey cry and watching her get angry is kind of like practice for later. We're looking for all of the little things that might help us in the future. We consider it a kind of Spring Training for her teenage years.

Zoey's been entirely unpredictable (yeah, I know, she's a baby...surprise, surprise...shut up) which is a shocker considering her parents. Sometimes she sleeps alone in her room and she's cool with that. Sometimes it better be Mom's chest she crashes on, and still at other times just laying between us in bed until she's out cold is good enough. There's no pattern or process to any of it. She just is and we just adapt...done.

Does anyone know when we get to sleep more? or when I don't have to be Carmine Ragusso anymore?


Anonymous John said...

Re: sleep
I am two years in and wondering the same.

However I will tell you, you're lucky, there's a WHOLE slew of us out there to commiserate with.

The biggest, most positive thing I can implore you with is get involved with a Mommy and Me group. Well June, but you know. Because we've made some lifelong friends there, that happen to be sharing in both the ups and downs all at the same time as you. There's gentle solace in looking at another Dad in the same frame of exhaustion and sharing a knowing nod.

February 12, 2009 at 8:45 PM  
Blogger said...

agreed on all accounts! oh, except I recommend a Three's Company analogy over the Laverne & Shirley one. it works like a charm for the most part. just remember if Mr. Furhley shows up you have to pretend you're gay. I'm not sure why, but thems the rules.

February 13, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

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