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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A slight resemblance to Colin Wallace

Uncle Ian Uncle Pukey
Uncle Ian and Colin Wallace, October 2007 at the Beach House post-Wedding booze up.

June just noticed that Zoey is starting to resemble our good friend Colin Wallace. The observation made me laugh out loud.'s accurate (pronounced ack-ooo-rit) and second it was such a lovingly contrived statement that I nearly swooned. Strangely I didn't. I'm just not the swooning type, I guess.

Zo doesn't look like Colin, well, except for the hair maybe, but according to June, and uttered sweetly right in Zoey's face post-spit up...

"You're just like Colin drink and then you throw up and then you drink again. You're a little Colin Wallace."

If you know Colin you'll know that this is not only true but also that it has become a bit of a trademark for the ever-running new Oregonian and former Dubliner. The fact that Zoey is quickly resembling my friend Colin, even with the least admirable of his many fine qualities, is a smiler. It's a beauty trick if you can manage it. I never could, at least, not up to Mr. Wallace's standards. Once I expunge stuff I'm typically out for the count. Not Colin, and not Zo...that's one skill that makes me shudder.

Somehow I just knew that Colin Wallace would play a role in this child's life...thus far it's a fairly conspicuous one. And by conspicuous we mean it most sincerely by its third definition in the on-line Merriam-Websters Dictionary...

3. Marked by a noticable violation of good taste.

Yup, that's the one we mean. Thanks Uncle Pukey. You're an inspiration.


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