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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop....huh?

Zoey 2

June keeps doing this weird thing where she just keeps uttering, "drop, drop, drop, drop, drop,drop... in this frightening Beeker-like voice. I think it's in response to my observation that she's just dropped a tonne of baby weight. Regardless of the reason, it's just weird.

So we're watching the Bulls and Heat game tonight, laughing about June's shameless attempts to hook up previously mentioned uber-cool midwife (who we forgot to give wine to and maybe even sell drugs to) with her equally shameless pilot brother, Ian, when I realize that I have the urge to blog. It could just be gas but I'm convinced that blogging is what I should be doing right now...shamelessly, just because that seems to be the stance to take these days.

Our evening has been occupied with trying to make Zoey smile and doing our best to decide whether we (and by we I mean me) should become Dodgers fans this summer or Angels fans? A long fickle story so we won't get into it here but it's been great fun thus far...paired with burgers and some tasty cab it's been practically riotous. Add to the mix the fact that June is brainwashing Zoey into thinking that her Dad is more of a gaseous anomaly than even she herself is and boyo we're havin' a cranker of a night!

Really this post had nothing to do with anything, we just wanted to post another random picture and make another pathetic attempt at convincing Val that both Zoey and Ian are the coolest one-two combo on the planet, right behind Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel, naturally.

We were just kidding about that whole "selling Val drugs" thing...little inside joke. We would, however, happily toss her a bottle of wine...maybe give her the phone number of some dealers we know but that's about all we can manage.

BTW...the name Vinny Del Negro has been making us laugh since 1986. Say it out loud and try not to giggle.


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