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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dad gets all artsy fartsy with Mom's camera...and daughter

BW Sc ary Zo
Leave Dad alone with a creative instrument of unlimited potential and everyone is learning that it can only end badly. It's like the Knicks sucking, or Rasheed Wallace having more 3-point attempts than rebounds, it's practically a for sure thing.

So Momster leaves her oh-so expensive arsenal of Canon super cameras laying around while she catches a few more much deserved winks and Dad goes monkey-nuts. First, we (yeah "we," I dragged Zo into the fray with me...needed an accomplice to go half-sies on the inevitable blame) grab le instrument of mischief and start snappin' every which way but the right one. Naturally, it all started out fine...we were looking for some good shots, maybe surprise Mom with one or two...but then it got silly quick, maybe even stupid. It was mostly Zoey's fault (always is). Whoever was most to blame, by the time you could say Toronto Maple Leafs 6 -- Pittsburgh Crosbys 2 we were bustin' our bottoms off tryin' to score the most wretchedly cute and simultaneously frightening Valentines Day photo ever (that doesn't include photos of ex-girlfriends of questionable mental health or boyfriends before they found Jesus). We ended up with some beauts...some literally and some quite sarcastically.

My personal favourite is the one above but I have to admit it does scare me senseless. It scared me so silly that I had to twist it all up to the point of absolute no return, to depths of dumb no father has willingly gone to with their three week old daughter...and I made this...

BW Scary ZO 2 altered

This is the Harry Potter version of Zoey...She's a wizard...a really hilarious wizard of dubious, if not entirely inconsequential skills and abilities...things like pooping and freaking out at 3am...even spitting up directly into cleavage. It's magic, I know, but I thought she was kinda magical even before the dumb wizard outfit. I'm pretty sure Mom won't be leaving her camera gear laying around any more...but if she does...WIZAAAARD!

To compensate for the ridiculousness of this post here's one of the legit shots we took...probably accidentally and certainly with Mom' supervision (before she knew about the other ones)


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