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Friday, February 6, 2009

Coincidence or Karma...?

Teets and Em

As I type this my wife and beeb are sleeping on our pathetic decade old futon and some weird English bloke is on the tube pronouncing garage as "gay-raaahj"'s wildly distracting.

Just settled in to an evening of Josh Rouse (do yourself a favour) and a Cab-Merlot blend to go with an intermittently contented and pissed off funster when I discovered this beauty:


It was the most pleasant of surprises to find out that Zoey shares a birthday with little Emelia, my once and always in some way, shape and form, best friend's daughter. She turned two just as Zoey turned...uhmmm, present and accounted for and I couldn't be more giggled about it all.

At one point in my life my social and emotional satellites all orbited around the Teeter household, and in a beauty exchange John's Mom recalls June as being the coolest of kids (Mama Teets was my hometown's most famous and popular kindergarden teacher) and the only one in her lengthy career in a classroom that she remembers bringing sushi for lunch in 1983 at the precious age of cinq. Beauty memory I think.

Anyway...just one more confirmation that our lives are touched by magic. That sounds dumb but too bad, I like the notion. I never see John anymore, and haven't for a long time but I love him nonetheless and shake my head at the notion of our daughters being born on the same day. Now we share more than just an uncomfortable strain in our shorts every time we see the water bottle scene in "Youngblood."


Anonymous John said...

Haha! The bottle scene in Youngblood – it was on the other night and I watched it. And Cynthia Gibb is still a stone cold fox. It also reminds me that you are another person that would truly appreciate (and want to own this) like me:

Okay, now seriously, the feelings are mutual, my friend. We don't see each other like the everyday we used to from like Grade 7 to about 12, but there's no part of me that still isn't affected by the friendship and the stories we shared in that timeframe. And I still talk about the twins to this day. Proud badge of honour I wear.

Anyway, it took me a day or two after the 26th to process that in fact Zoey had arrived on Miss E's birthday. I had even seen June mention in Facebook about being induced… and it still didn't click. But when I did figure it out, I honestly can say I welled up inside with a deep sense of pride and happiness. That our daughters, both our firsts, share that day, and only a difference of two years tells me a lot about you and I as adults. And takes me to a place beyond words. But suffice it to say, I didn't need to share daughters' birthdays to think the world of you. And yet we did… so we got that going for us!

Somewhere, Bri, in album, I have a picture of me in a Wallaceburg minor hockey jersey standing in the doorway to your bedroom, with that foam basketball ready to dunk on the only hoop in North America that I could actually palm ball OVER the rim! (I also have the pic of you and Brad standing next to those two GINORMOUS twins at the Silverdome)

Thanks, and of course congratulations!

February 6, 2009 at 10:25 PM  

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