Sunday, January 18, 2009

YAHOOOOO...New Look...Boo...No Baby

Like our new look over here? We love it. Unfortunately June doesn't have a new look...she's got the same old bump that she had a few days ago despite the fact that today IS OUR DUE DATE!! Apparently that means nothing to little Elli. We both agree that she's gonna come in her own good time, completely on her schedule and not ours. It's nothing that we weren't prepared for and there's no surprise that we'll have to wait but it is pretty funny if you have any kind of knowledge of June's punctuality disorder (as I type this she's plotting how to maim me).

The joke for a long time was that this baby was going to be born after ten months instead of nine, just because she's part and parcel of her Mom until that cord gets cut (and who are we kidding, forever after). Now it seems as though overdue is what we get for thinking we're so funny. June doesn't think it's funny...she never really did...but now it's really not funny.

Junie's doing good, great in fact. There are a few more grunts and groans than there were before and she's not exactly shoveling the driveway out these days but the girl is up for anything. She's a pretty spirited almost-Mom and she keeps most of our heads shaking all the time. She still looks like a heptomillion dollars and trust me when I say that she can still wrestle her ass off. I regularly do my best to annoy her, childishly of course, and she simply deflects me and keeps right on truckin'. My plan is to annoy her so much that by the time it's baby-go-time I'll look like the most loving husband ever simply because I'm right there beside her but not aggravating her senseless. It's a brilliant plan so far, the only hitch is that there's really no way to test it out other than in live action and at game speed so I guess we'll see how ingenius it is after a dozen or so hours of labor.

Anyway, at this point it's all just a wait and see what happens contest. I mean, we know basically what's going to happen but we just don't know when. Your guess is as good as ours at this point.

While we're waiting we were fortunate enough to pull in some beauty gifts from some beauty people.

Uncle Marvin and Aunt Shirley (Brian) sent us a surprise package from B.C. the other day. Those two funsters sent us some awesome knitted goods including a cap and booties that this bebe will be wearing home from the hospital.

Grandma Cathy slipped us a tied quilt that she was working on whilst recovering from some unexpected eye surgery. The fact that she finagled that thingy with only one eye makes the wonder-gift that much more valuable!

Aunt Cheryl and Barry (Brian) sent over an appropriately pinkish handmade blanket that had our eyes popping and is already in use in our minds. Similarly, Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry (Brian) sent over a perfectly beautiful and oh-so useful blankie as well. You can rest assured that this kid is gonna be warm thanks almost exclusively to the Cooper Family. Pretty amazing to have gifts falling in from B.C. and Texas and as far away as Eberts, Ontario!! We're pretty stoked about the whole gift thing. It's just too bad June has to go through all that pain to score such presents. Maybe next time we'll just fake a baby?


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