Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stuffed pigs

To hurry up and be quick about all the latest and greatest...

We've got an appointment with our midwife and a doctor whose name I can't spell on Friday (tomorrow) at 2pm to talk about getting induced...June, not me. Junie's gotta have a stress test done and a little of this and some of that and then they'll book her in to begin being induced at 6:30am on Monday...which means I'm getting hammered drunk on Sunday night!

If that statement left you aghast then you obviously don't know me very well. I'll wait and get hammered Monday morning first thing! That means I gotta get up crazy early to get into the sauce well before labor starts.

Shoving all the pathetic humor aside, it looks as though Monday is the day unless, of course, the little beeb decides to come out on her own before then. We're hoping that's the case but we're also more than a little excited at the prospect of little Sam Jackson Roberts Cooke Cooper the fourth and our yet-to-be-named beeb both greeting the world on the 26th day, respectively. The little Coop twirp arrived on the 26th of May while our tiny bundle of lateness will own the month of January, rockin' herself into being as a sturdy and kind Aquarius. That would make "The Sammer" and his new friend an even eight months apart, so the same school grade and, barring any Tom Foolery in the school system, the same college or university entry year. Woohoooooo!

In a cool twist, June's Mom, Mihoko, also has a birthday on that lucky number 26 AND it's also the start of the Chinese New Year. Needless to say, we've got no beefs with the 26th. The 26th seems to be an expert approved day.

While it's still fresh on our fingertips though, what's the deal with that "no beef" slang? What the #$&@ does that mean anyway?

On another completely unrelated note last night we bought a stuffed pig. She was cute and all but she came into our posession with less than admirable intentions. Her entire life with us will be tainted by a subversive meaning that only June and I will fully enjoy.


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