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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sleeping baby + Wife = Most Awesome Thing Ever


This is what I came home to today. Yeah, my life is practically perfect. Who would have thought that coming home could be so exciting? If I have places to stop on my home I get annoyed. I want to go home and see June and that tiny little thing that falls asleep on top of her all the time.

A few quick notes before I get busy parenting, or offering my best approximation of such...

June and le beeb are doing unbelievably well...settling into some semblance of a schedule and grinning at one another like best friends in the 2nd Grade. I feel lucky to have a front row seat.

Debu remains indifferent but loving nonetheless.

Quick but disproportionately loving acknowledgments to people include:

Cynthia and Christine, our midwives who made 12 hours a confident experience.

Jan, the greatest nurse on the planet...tied with Erica who may or may not have helped me sneak Anette into the birthing room.

Dr. Al Kaline (not really his name but its the one I gave him) because he was as eager to hold little Zoey as I was. That's a cool MD.

Mihoko for loving your daughter SO much...and Cathy for loving Mihoko's daughter SO much.

Gerry for swooping in and snatching Zoey up like a line drive less than two seconds after the birthing room door opened, some seriously impressive Granddadding...and Brian Sr. for giving me the kind of photograph I've been waiting for my entire life.

Aunt Netta for living and dying with the very notion of Zoey.

Uncle Brad for waiting patiently for over a decade.

Uncle Ian for the most important phone call of his sister's life.

Smirk, who despite a thousand miles and five years called me before my daughter was 45 minutes old.

Zoey's unofficial/adopted Aunt and Uncle, Michelle and Dave Smith...first for the Michigan blanket, second because you've inspired the most sincere kind of affection.

Aunt Serree because even from the other side of the planet June could feel how much you cared and how excited you were.

Anne because there was only one message on the telephone Sunday night and that was from you. Like we needed another reason to love you.

Scott 'n Stace because you gave us some much needed ballast and perspective.

Cheryl, Marv & Shirley, Larry and Jean and every Cooper effort and kindness.

Scott McKelvie because one random conversation with you at exactly the right time felt soooo good and was soooo helpful.

M'boy Joe for ditching the typical handshake and chucking a hug.

Every other kind and understanding soul who listened to me and tolerated the whole learning process that this was for me. I really don't know a damn thing and for the first time in my life I understand that.

People have been bugging us about pics and so here's one (above)...June's working on getting you the rest but she's also pretty busy right now so they'll get done when they get done, did when they're did and she'll do what she do. You'll have some more pics pronto...I promise.

Lastly, I have a new plan that I just came up with less than 10 minutes ago...Life at home with Zoey is gonna get slow and painful at some point, I'm how can I make it fun for Junifer? I'm going to randomly find things to buy for my wife and then have shipped to the house...random things at random times and for absolutely no good reason than giving me the above picture every time I come home.


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