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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ragoo Festival...or 10,000 Lakes

Okay, so we'd very much like to go to this year's "10,000 Lakes Festival" in Minnesota but we're kinda stuck. We need to find an RV/Motorhome for the trip since we're thoughtful enough not to put other campers through a 6 month old's wailing in the middle of the night. Those rolling homes aren't cheap and we might be knackered. We thought it would be a fun baby experience and we could maybe even meet Uncle Ian if he drove down from Red Lake. We could take in a DMB show and mostly just bask in early summer fun.

So now we've got to find someone with an RV/Motorhome type thingy that we can rent or else find something else to do. We will be moving out of our house for another 6 weeks again this summer as the Hewitt's return from Saudi for a family the backyard to be specific...and at the moment we're kinda wide open in terms of plans. We'll be out from July 15th until August 25th and barring a crazy baby we're pretty excited about the chance to sneak off and have some fun. We've got a number of ideas including heading back to California, visiting friends and relatives in places like Red Lake, ON, Edmonton, AB, Vancouver, BC, and Eugene, OR a number of other things that have crossed our minds, like "The 10,000 Lakes Festival."

If anyone has some ideas, suggestions or otherwise, drop us a line. We're just sitting here waiting.


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