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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life in a Post-Poo World is just like an Eagles Song, but better

Zoey post-poop 1

Okay, so this a different kid. Life post-poo is so completely different, and it was pretty good before. Zoey is instantly a pleasant machine. She's happy and hungry and the quietest little thing in the house. The TV's on (nice elbow and subsequent ejection Manny!), there's music frequently on (Led Zeppelin III) and a lot of visitors (Lee & Susan, Grandpa & Grandma, Bachan & Granddad, midwives), the cat is lurching around all falsely indifferent, and June and I make a tonne of noise but there silently and sweetly sleeps this baby. Post-poo that is...

Zoey got rid of what appeared to be a full one third of her weight with one giant bowel movement. I've never been so excited about poo in my life. Prior to what we are referring to here as le grande popo little Zo was P-lugged up (capital P), in an obvious kind of way...actually it just might be physically impossible to be plugged up in any kind of not-so-obvious way right? I mean, I would imagine it would be. Anyway..Zoey ditched the added weight of several days worth of excrement and the netire house exploded with joy. Sounds lame, I know, but we were less excited about the poo than we were about the peaceful easy feeling (apologies Glenn Frey) that followed.

We called Val (uber-cool midwife) almost as soon as it happened. She had just finished visiting and is smitten with Zo in the sweetest way. We thought Zo was "getting the oil changed" just as she was leaving and Val wanted a heads up if the little funster dropped one. It was a hilarious couple of minutes filled with a silly celebration and quick call to Val. We had poop, and we were happy.

Speaking of uber-cool mid-wife Val...who, ahemm, happens to be relatively new to town and single...and raises an eyebrow to the idea of an equally single pilot...Wait, huh...what...what just happened there? June is a big fan of Val, and Val is a big fan of Zoey, and I'm just a big fan of the whole damn situation. (Ian your sister is shameless BTW).

June Val Zoey

June, Val and Lil' Zo...pre-poo


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