Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Zoey came home today! At first she didn't want to, but we eventually talked her into it...well, just made her do it. She fussed over the car seat at first but then once we packed her in tight and picked her up she settled in as silent as Crisler Arena. We were a little worried about the car ride too, especially after hearing about Scott and Stace's fun times with little Sammy Souvlaki. We chucked our little girl in the car and she uttered not a word the whole ride home. You could probably hear our collective sigh for hundreds of miles. The thrills come easy post-Zoey.

Granddad and Bachan stopped at the house today, and Grandpa and Gramma visited the hospital last night so lil' Zo is getting her good share of grandparent lovin'. She's soaking it up too, like a sponge. Bachan is whispering Japanese into her ear, and Grandad Gerry taught us the greatest little trick to help us with her gas. Grandparents rock! If you don't have one go out right away and pick one up. They're well worth the investment.

Keep an eye out over the next few days. June will be jumping on-line and posting. Junie will post in italics so that it's easy to distinguish between Brian's ramblings and June's sweet scribbles. Photos are coming pronto. June just has to dump the camera into this idiot box and BLAM...instant infatuation. I'm tellin''re all cooked. This is one beauty little Sakura-chan!


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