Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heads up folks...

We thought it imperative to make note of the obvious changes rapidly approaching this beauty blog...

Obviously, or perhaps not so obviously, it's name and subsequent domain will be changing. Since we're comfortably not sticking with the name Elli it would make very little sense for this bugger to stay titled the Elli Blog or be located at ellibellyblog.blogspot right? Of course...but if you think I'm letting slip the new name you've been drinking earlier in the day than you should be. Just pay attention and roll with the's what we've been doing.

Shifting gears...the new name fell almost effortlessly into place and you know what? We like it better...way better. There have been a few hiccups in the process, only because so many people had become so accustomed to "Elli"...but alas, it's June's cervix that is paying the price here and so she's in full Mom mode and has firmly secured naming rights. People were gracious and understanding about the name thing (the oh so few that know it) and to be perfectly honest it wouldn't have mattered if they weren't. We were extremely inclusive about the whole process and that time has ended. Naturally, what people thought was important to us, but not so important that June would have changed her mind. This beeb tripped right into this name and it's starting to feel somewhat divinely inspired, which is odd for a couple of people sans deities for the most part.

To catch you up in case you've been Rumplestiltskinning...

There was an unfortunate (code word for an expletive that is vastly more effective when uttered out loud) incident in which our agreed upon name got all used up...well, at least three of it's four letters and so it became as useless as a boob on an anvil.

There was subsequent emotional turmoil and probably rash reactions (but reactions are reactions so you need to swallow them as they come, rash or not) and the notion struck that we would have to change names or tie that albatross to our necks.

A ridiculously short game of name juggling ensued in which only a few names managed to keep their heads above our bile line.

Our little beeb's new name bobbed to the top of the emotional flood and lodged itself in June's heart, and lodged itself pretty good and tight.

The new name got lobbed over to a few people who might care the most about the switch and then when Grandma Cathy and Bachan gave the casual nod it was settled. Now we're smitten with the strength of the new name, even happy with the way it came into being. Without the previous "this and thats" we'd have missed out on what is quickly becoming the kind of name that gets us smiling in the middle of the night. We love it. We hope that you do too but we really could care less if you don't. Sorry, just being honest. Things happen for strange reasons and then the smart people leave their questions behind and just keep truckin'...We feel pretty damn good about our newest revelation, even if it was oddly inspired.

One of the strangest phenomenon that has surrounded this entire experience has been the birth of a new and funny-feeling perspective. It's team "us" now and we're not all that interested in what's going on with anyone else's team. Our decisions and perspectives are uniquely our own and we won't apologize for any of them. Sure, we might explain a little, unnecessarily so, but out of a muted kind of respect for the world around us. Don't mistake respect for prostration though. We're feeling full of love and inclusion but finding not much room for approval in such crowded quarters. It's an odd feeling that crept into us when we weren't looking. In fact, perhaps the best part has been that it's stirred a hilarious awareness and acceptance of who we are as individuals, a couple, and now a family. Just who are we, you ask?

We're happy and restless, humble and yet still slipping on ambition. We're helplessly flaky and more tragically hopeful than we are hopeless. We're independent and curious and ignorant and aware and more affectionate than anyone we know (well, maybe tied with Scitty and little Roo). We're quick to laugh and even more speedy to change our minds. We do what we want, almost always regardless of consequence or opinion. We show up when we want. We give people nicknames and avoid conflict when we can 'cause who the hell wouldn't? We love people endlessly and hopefully and have pedestals built all around us for our favourites. We hate Canadian spellings. We like basketball and baseball and Pearl Jam and San Clemente, California. We get mistaken for locals almost everywhere we go...except Jamaica, not in Jamaica. We've laughed on the steps beneath Sacre Couer in Paris and on the beach behind our house and our giggles sounded no different, not at all. We sleep in hammocks together and shop too much. We rub lotion in each others backs and then wipe in on each others shorts for fun. We want you to like us but we'll move on pretty quickly if you don't. We sometimes do things we shouldn't have or that would best be served by apologies but since those things were almost always embraced without malice or by simply exerting our ability to choose this path or that one we're not about to apologize for our choices. We like going for coffee each and every morning we're blessed with Orange County sunshine. We like walking across the Golden Gate Bridge or from 55th all the way down to 7th. We buy groceries a couple of times a week, just whatever we need when we need it. We miss people. We keep each other warm. We sing out loud in the car. We have dumb games that we play in the car. We tease each other. We avoid people sometimes. We stick to ourselves mostly. We get crazy ideas and get restless on Saturdays. We buy each other stuff. We keep secrets between us and we tell one another what's inside the presents we buy. We like going out for breakfast and noticing the stars whenever we've ignored them for awhile. We seek approval and then ignore it. We don't like unannounced visitors but we complain when no one comes over. We don't know what we'll be doing next year and we're pretty sure we'll figure it out when we're supposed to. We have no church, only faith. We'd like to think that we're pretty fun but we know that very often we're not. We like it when we're moving, going, getting gone. We don't own a couch. We rinse our mouths out with mouthwash in the morning and then come back to bed so we can breath on each other as much as we want. We're a good team on ten-lane LA freeways or crowded midtown Manhattan cross streets (but we suck in Jersey). We read out loud and we show one another things that we've found. We trust each other and torment each other and laugh at all of the shortcomings we both have (June is always late and Brian is frighteningly independent)...We love each other enough to ease us into sleep and then wake without an alarm, just because the other is already up. We meet each other at the door. We mock other people and joke emphatically that "we're awesome" when we're pretty sure that usually we're not. We have season tickets and we skip games or give them away. We wait for each other no matter how long it takes and we pretend to fight just for fun sometimes. We make pretty good decisions and like it best when we get to wander and wonder. We live life the way we want to and then we write endless, pointless blog posts about it. We know when to quit though...usually.

Oh yeah, and we can make a baby pretty good...I mean, so far. I guess we'll no for sure in a few decades.


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