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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bachan vs. The Driveway...A Cautionary Tale

Bachan is soooo excited about this baby that she hiked 70 yards uphill through snowdrifts to deliver blankets and other assorted baby goods today. She was like Mr. Edwards on Little House on the Prairie delivering Christmas gifts to Laura and her sisters, except you know, minus the beard, and then Japanese, of course. The lady just hiked right up the driveway when the car couldn't make it. I know, that's Bachan...wait 'til Elli runs into a bully at school!

Grandma Cathy braved the winter craziness last night to do something similar. I'm telling you right now, don't mess with this kid or you've got grandmothers to deal with...wicked tough grandmas. Flip it and this little girl better be good or she'll face the same kind of maternal determination that makes Bachan walk through the snow like she was Jeremiah Johnson. This little girl is gonna be well behaved or she'll deal with a Bachan more closely resembling a Farley Mowat character than a blanket sewing saint.

She looks pretty good in this picture though, doesn't she? That's after hiking uphill in calf deep snow...don't be fooled by the smile. This seamstress is tough as nails...really kind and thoughtful nails, but nails nonetheless.

IMG_2083 beautiful is that pregnant lady? While we're pointing things out that's my extra cool "Vegas" visor back there on the fridge, courtesy of D-Funk and Kelly. It's going to be my official diaper changing headwear, you know, so I can maintain some kind of coolness quotient while looking overtly uncool. As June points out it might also be capable of shielding my eyes from poo shrapnel if my reaction time is appropriately fast. Yup...that's why she got the job. Good tip Mama-san.


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