Saturday, January 24, 2009

As far as I know...

If you're not listening to Paul Westerberg on a regular basis it's likely you need some sort of counseling. Why? Why not? I'd get some if that were the case. As I type this nonsense le Paul is drifting out of speakers no less than a foot from my grinning face and I feel pretty good about managing to avoid the whole counseling thing. "As Far As I Know," has quickly turned into one of my favorite songs ever. There's this Matthew Sweet, "Sick of Myself" feel to it, all blended with this weird concoction of The Byrds, early Velvet Underground, The Monkees (yes, I said the a problem with the Monkees?), and some hard to articulate Dylanesque thing. That's just what my ears hear. As far as I know it's a nice mix of all of the above.

The only other thing I know for sure is that June is scheduled to go into the hospital Sunday night for some get-ready-for-beeb prepping and then first thing Monday morning it's on! Junie's getting induced since she'll have been waiting patiently for 7 full days at that point. This infant is expected forthwith, pronto, and expiditiously/expediately...which I just spelled wrong on both occasions and couldn't possibly care less. It's part of my new philosophy of live and let live, and spell poorly.

So unless this little funster feels like busting up a perfect plan she'll be here on Monday. She'd better like Paul Westerberg or she's going back.

Just for fun...The sunshine dripping "2 Day Before le Beeb Arrives Soundtrack"? Steal it and burn for yourself. All my loot is out on diapers.

Saturday January 24, 2009

1. As Far As I Know - Paul Westerberg
2. Massive Nights - The Hold Steady
3. The Search - Son Volt
4. Help Me, Suzanne - Rhett Miller
5. Late Night Pilgrim - Tift Merritt
6. From Blown Speakers - The New Pornographers
7. Stormy Weather - Echo & the Bunnymen
8. If Your Poison Gets You - Frank Black
9. From California - The New Amsterdams
10. A Happy Medium - Malcolm Middleton
11. Love You in the Fall - Paul Westerberg
12. Ah Me - Griffin House
13. Lowdown (demo track) - My Morning Jacket
14. Breathless - Dan Wilson
15. Stuck Between Stations (acoustic) - The Hold Steady
16. With Anybody Else - Peter Salett
17. Antichrist Television Blues - Arcade Fire
18. My Drug Buddy - The Lemonheads
19. Frank & Ava - Suzanne Vega
20. Galaxies - Laura Veirs
21. Post-Paint Boy - Stephen Malkmus
22. Mockingbirdsing - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
23. Corvette - Golden Smog
24. The Day We Met - Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles
25. They Ran - My Morning Jacket


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