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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten Unreasonable Hopes From an Almost Dad

1. I hope and wish and hope and wish and hope that she's healthy and happy and never sick a single day in her life.

2. I hope she's beautiful...I mean devastatingly shatter the hearts of boys and men alike place your hand to your chest and sigh beautiful, and to everyone, not just me. I hope that she's the most beautiful child and woman ever.

3. I hope she's as smart as she is beautiful...head shaking smart...real world smart...big picture smart...too smart to fall for things smart that the world will never be able to twist her around for long.

4. I hope she's humble, selfless and kind. So far she's practically perfect, I know. This post does have the term "unreasonable" in it so ease up.

5. I hope she makes her Mom proud. I hope she makes me proud too but I especially hope she makes her Mom smile a lot. There'll be more love there than I can comprehend.

6. I hope that she sees things differently than everyone else around her...that she goes places and meets people...just as long as she comes back.

7. I hope that she changes the world.

8. I hope that she helps people.

9. I hope that not a day of trouble ever finds her.

10. I hope that she loves us every day of her life, even when we're the worst parents on the planet.


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