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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing To Do With Anything...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Elli or June or me or anything else except I like it and I wanted to share it with I think that you should really check out Dallas Clayton's web site and peruse that bugger a's really great.

Lately people have been coming over to my house and noticing my skateboards in the corner and kinda of looking at them funny and then looking at me funny and then forgetting than fun is kind of age-proof. Mostly I shrug them off, sometimes I call them #$%&ing jerk pots with a safety first inner monologue and then other times, well just this once, I write blog posts.

Man, I hope Elli doesn't think I'm least not until she's 15 or so.

Now read this or the guy at the computer gets it... Dallas Clayton

You should learn to skateboard.
It is cheap and fun.
It is something you can do when you are alone
or with friends.
Once you learn, you can hang out late at night in parking lots for hours and hours
(and you don’t even have to be high).
Also you can talk to others about skateboarding
and it will make them think you are cool
and they will give you things
like free stickers, or invitations to parties
with lots of guys at them.

If you get good
you can jump over all sorts of things
like cars, and European streets, and statues, and off small buildings.
and people will take pictures of you
which is nice (for later, to show your kids).

If you get really good,
maybe someone will pay you
to take pictures, and make videos of you jumping off all sorts of crap
and they will put you on billboards
and benches where homeless people sleep
and your name will be on thousands of pairs of shoes.
Maybe you will have a video game with you in it
or a TV show where you shoot your friends with weapons.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you will just keep doing it and no one will really care how good you are
and you will just use your skateboard to ride down the street
to buy some beer
when your “old lady” takes off with the car.

It’s up to you I guess.
Like anything else.

But you should definitely learn.
It will be worth it
in the long run.

I promise.

Hopefully I won't ever have to write a blog post again about those awkward looks my skateboards and me get.


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