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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's almost like people hate miracles...

This is easily the funniest thing since Canada's last election. We had to post it.

Around here we're decidedly "pro-miracle" but it seems that out there in the real world, you know, everywhere other than our beach abutted backyard, there are some pretty "anti-miracle" people, a negative almost rogue-like anti-miracle element hard at work to erode our faith in spirituality and chocolatey goodness. Well, not that "chocolatey goodness" part, we just made that part up and it sounded pretty funny, but the spirituality part is true enough...I mean, as far as you know.

Oddly, as we type this our cat is a mere inches away from our ears snoring. WTF...we gotta get him some of them Breathe Right strips...that kid can snore his #$$ off.

Both June and I are gunnin' for an 8 month walk time. We're pretty sure that with a serious rolfing regimen, a lot of stretching and some top secret but proven Pavlovian techniques we can get this little girl up and truckin' in no time. She'll be racing her cousin Silent Sammy Gamgee Sosa Malone Shepherd Cooper the 2nd before the fourth of July. You can bet on it. Not sure what the over and under will be on that but as far as even-steven goes you can get your money out of those shallow, sweaty pockets.


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