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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dice K...Okajima...Tazowa...Elli... Huh?

Sure it takes an imagination but we've got that in spades (whatever that term means?) and yeah, we're well aware that a woman has never played Major League Baseball...blah be blah blah blaaah...but we're talkin, what, 18 years from now? Pfshhh...lots of time for the world to change. Cripes, that's all Barack Obama talks about and we trust the heck outta him. Besides, the little girl isn't even born yet so what's to worry about. They say that if you're good they'll find you. My guess is they won't find you where Elli's playin' right at the moment.

The girl's gonna be an Ellsbury fan, I know it, and that's alright. There's that whole name thing AND he's wicked awesome. She could do worse. When I was a kid I worshipped Dwight Gooden...sheesh.


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