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Thursday, December 4, 2008

33...One of My Absolute Favorite Numbers

We're just wrapping up week #32 and are just a few days away from week #33. The typically uneventful week has me a little excited because I loves me some #33.

Patrick Ewing wore Georgetown and with them frustrating Knicks. Yeah he did, and I loves me some Patrick Ewing. Who doesn't, really? Well, lots of people actually, but who doesn't love a little Marty McSorley? Everyone...well, no...not everyone. Seems it's mostly all about Patrick Ewing. We just won't forget to mention the Marty McSorley's and Larry Birds of the world...maybe even the Scottie Pippens know, just to be inclusive.

Speaking (typing actually) in more selfish terms...we're sneaking into the 33rd week of this pregnancy...well, mostly June is...I'm just hanging out near that big belly...and we're getting a little hyper about it all. I've spent approximately $3,600. 76 on books, and we' have something like 456 onezies in her closet. Since we're mentioning the "her" part, we just finished with another ultrasound since Junie was measuring a little ahead of schedule. So le midwife books us another ultrasound to check fluid levels and baby size etc...Seems like all is well...still a girl (hamburger bun not a turtle) and she's got a rather large head...pretty long femur too...uh oh. I apologized to June and crossed my fingers that if she hits six feet tall that she can, at the very least, swim her long, tall ass off...She'll have an instant coach in Aunt Netta and the whole scholarship thing will work out handy come post-secondary time.

Can't do much about that big head though.


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