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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to do when you're not doing anything

Somewhere between the darkened bedroom and the shower this morning I decided that I couldn't bare another day of, well, I dug down deep and discovered that I was indeed sick, arguably so, but who's putting up any kind of decent argument in the shower?

I crawled back into bed with my oh-so preggers wife and pooched all of her hard earned warmth and fell back asleep. I notified the proper authorities of course, and I wasn't entirely full of dung. I was indeed feeling less than capable of accomplishing anything good especially considering the tasks at hand today, well, I ditched the working world for a less stressful, more leisurely ( or liesurely if you want to be creative about it) day of hanging out with my wife and unborn child.

I woke to Mihoko (the definitive Mom aside from your very own) at the house which is always a nice thing to wake up to and I watched mother and daughter interact to a quiet soundtrack in my head. What was playing? Mostly "Here Comes The Sun" by George Harrison but I'm sure I drifted into "Today's the Day" by Aimee Mann before I hit the shower. June had the day off (Remembrance Day...sigh and upward glance...big thanks to you fellas...wink) it was a mother/daughter day. They had plans of hitting the town and buying all of the sweaters in all of the stores before any of the other cold and shivering people got to them. It was a good plan except for the giant gaping hole that it left a truant moi to linger at home...ponder our grandfathers sacrifices and poodle around on the 'puter.

That's how we now have The Elli Blog...bugger took all day...well, a ginormous chunk of the day.

Dunno where June heard the name Elli but she loved it the instant she heard it...Emi fell off the table pretty quickly ( it wasn't sticking anyway) and BLAM, we needed a new blog. Elli sounds an awful lot like Ella only different and for some reason not as much of a pronunciation hassle for some people and so there you have it...Elli.

I'd like to say done with a satisfied tone in my voice but I'll hesitate...for good reason.

Just to make this whole post worth your while I'll offer up my Top 10 musical distractions from the day that never know, for the betterment of civilization and my basement.

1. If 6 was 9 by Jimi Hendrix - I can't figure out why I never paid any attention to that song?
2. VIC Radio is Ithaca College's student run radio station. It streams live on the net and it's better than band aids.
3. Most of The Time by Bob Dylan - This one slipped completely under my radar and I'm ashamed of myself.
4. I Gotta Move by Ben Kweller - The song makes me want to be sitting in the San Clemente sun.
5. Simple Kind of Life - by No Doubt - I'm not embarrassed to say that I like this song...a lot.
6. Bruises by Cruiserweight - They've got this Feist thing going on and they're refreshingly not Feist.
7. I'd Go The Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric - I loves me some Monkees but this is the only version
8. The Wedding Present by El Rey - There isn't a single song titled 'The Wedding Present' on the entire CD
9. Cavity by Stew - The founder of The Negro Problem is an award winning Off-Broadway dude now...heavy
10. All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hopple - I think I played this song 237 times today.


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