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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michigan's at The Garden & so Daddy's gone to NY

Elli might be wondering where that big warm hand is each night. Dad's off to New York for three nights of basketball at Madison Square Garden and there'll be no big hand belly rubbing for a few days. She might wonder what happened to that deeper voice, not Mom's but that other one...the one that never shuts up. yeah, well I'm bringing it to NYC with me. It'll be back on Sunday in time for dinner at Bachan and Grandad's.

Be good little girl...and don't let Mom mess with the shovel. That snow isn't goin' anywhere and your Mom's ambition often wants it to a little too prematurely. It's a girls weekend alone while Dad's off to the Big Apple with Uncle know, that other deep voice that talks even more than Dad does. You can tell the difference pretty easy by paying attention to the voice decibel and by how much crap comes out...Daddy's the lesser of both. I hope Uncle Brad doesn't read this 'cause he could still teach your Dad a lesson or two I'm sure.

Be good, have fun, and take care of your Mom. Dad will bring you home a big monkey... one that he'll naturally find scaling a giant NY landmark dodging airplane gunfire. What other monkey could there be?

Maybe Mom can teach you the words to "Hail to the Victors" while I'm gone? Or maybe you can just float around in amniotic fluid and do your best to hear sound? Whichever.


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