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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's officially winter here...Boo man, boo

We woke to a blizzard of lake effect snow and well over a foot of the white stuff on the level. Crawled back in bed with June and stole some of her warmth while I pondered the certain challenges of the coming day. These days it seems as though each and every weekday is full of certain challenges. Sometimes I shrug, and other times I shake my head and sigh, either way I'm left with more questions than answers which is never good. I asked a lot of questions before and really didn't know much about anything in the first place...that's a bad combo. Needless to say it was an easy feat pulling the covers back up over my head and sticking my nose up under Junie's ear. Apparently in addition to a mind boggling level of curiosity I have a pretty cold nose.

It's officially winter 'round here, the two feet of snow in our driveway is a dead give away. June called work and snuggled up to a snow day whilst I braved the elements and slipped in to work, a good idea considering most of the kids I deal with don't get "snow days" for their problems. It'd be awfully nice if they did...for me, but more importantly for them. Mother Nature doesn't have #$%& on human nature and the hits keep comin' regardless of weather conditions. It would have been super-nice to just drift in and out of sleep with June and save myself the wet socks and daily demands.

Aside from the wet socks and all that snow, what's new? Hmmfph, plenty I'm sure...Let's see...

Aunt Netta is shipping off to Vancouver this weekend with almost nil notice in order to check out the possibility of a transfer to wetter (is that even a word?) climes and a new opportunity with North Sails. Tough decision time for Aunt Netta, but a humongously (that we're certain is not a word) cool enterprise.

Apparently Uncle Ian is officially a "hunter" in he kills things with guns...and the weirdest part, he was out shooting partridges last week way up there in the middle of God-forsaken nowhere...that's like a Cow sitting down to a nice steak dinner...figuratively.

June's preggers belly is suddenly expanding exponentially. It's getting in the way of shoe tying, dish washing, and a wild assortment of other stuff. She's not frustrated but instead tends to get amused by the phenomenon...What a cool kitten.

I'm off to NYC this weekend for three consecutive nights of basketball, Madison Square Garden and some brotherly support.

Today marks the official two month mark to Elli's due date...yikes!

Oh...and did we mention that winter is here? Just in time for June to barely fit into any warm coat she owns. She's always had a bit of a knack for awkward timing.

Gerry and Mihoko..fine.

Grandma Cathy...fine.

All is well in Elli's almost world...well, except for that whole "two feet of snow" garbage, and it kinda would have been nice to have gotten all those leaves in the yard raked up before the dump, but really, whatcha gonna do? Elli doesn't care. I'm sure it's quite warm inside Mummy right now. The Netta - Vancouver thing might be a tiny issue for the little girl but probably more so for the impending Mom, June, and the already existing Mom, Mihoko...Elli's got two more months before she officially has an opinion about anything.


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