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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ella Enjoys My Morning Jacket @ The Fillmore

Ella's a busy kid for not having been born yet. She's been to Fenway Park in Boston, Shea Stadium in NY and countless Detroit Tiger games down at Comerica. She's been to see Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews. She's been courtside at Madison Square Garden and she's seen Augustana and Counting Crows, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Chris Isaak. She's been to a Stanley Cup game and on airplanes and sail boats...this almost little kid has done a crap load of fun stuff already and she's not even sucking her own oxygen yet!

Tonight she heard My Morning Jacket at The Fillmore in Detroit. She digs Jim James pretty good, and loves the drummer, Patrick Hallahan, as far as we can tell, but she got a little upset with all that reverb and heavy bass. She might be inclined to take in more shows but we, as aspiring parents of decent values and relatively admirable intentions, should really ground her from the whole Rock 'n Roll thing until she drags her bottom out of the womb and gets some sunlight in her eyes. Right now she's enjoying her rock adventures through ounces upon ounces of amniotic fluid and considering the conduction properties of liquids all these loud noises might sound alright but they certainly feel a little rough.

Looks like the show ends here, at least for now. We considered grabbing "WHO" tickets but seeing what was at one time the loudest band on the planet might not be something that Ella enjoys all that much. Townsend and Daltry would rattle that little girl pretty good I think...ruin her for life perhaps. I guess it's iTunes and DVD concerts until sometime this winter. Poor little Ella...I feel her pain.

On the positive side of things Ella got to hang out with Aunt Netta and Uncle Ian tonight, and that seems to be something she always enjoys...even if Uncle Ian does tease her with Jack and Gingers and pokes the living bejesus out of her just for kicks. It's all part of Uncle Ians learning curve in how he plans to interact with a little girl and not a filthy little monster boy. He's used to tossing little men around and will have to adjust to a little lady. Boyo'll be wearing make-up and pouring fake tea before he can say "Okonokos."


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