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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Soundtrack of Almost Ella...or Emi? Wait...what?

So I get to thinking, "If I could pick one song that was the first one Ella, I mean Emi, heard, what would it be," which is kind of half bullshit 'cause there'll be plenty of songs before she actually reaches the age where she recognizes one of 'em...but it's a fun exercise anyway. Add in iTunes new "Genius" feature and BAM it's a blog post! Easy peasy.

I was having a hard time coming up with what I, selfishly, would want Emi/Ella to hear first...I mean, there's a lot of factors...quality, naturally, but then there's also relevance and that oh so indefinable "hip factor." You've got cultural influences and historical significance and somehow, some way to the delight of Orillia, Ontario I came up with "If you could read my mind," by Gordon Lightfoot. Not sure if that's the right one but four Stella Artois later and a whole 15 second selection process left me groovin' to Gordo circa 1970. Zoiks...I wasn't even born yet! It was Gord's first recording to appear on the American music charts, reaching #5 on the Billboard chart in January 1971. Lightfoot has cited his divorce for inspiring the lyrics. The song first appeared on Lightfoot's 1970 album Sit Down Young Stranger and the rest is history. A dance remix and an iTunes Genius playlist later and there you have it...

The Emi or maybe Ella Soundtrack, Volume 1 - October 2008 - Pre-Birth

Pay attention...this thing is wicked good. If you want a copy on CD just get in touch. You too can groove to the tunes that Emi/Ella is shakin' too in all that amniotic fluid. We even ship to Japan!

1. If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot
2. Northern Sky - Nick Drake * One of the best songs ever
3. How Come - Ray LaMontagne
4. Here Comes My Baby - Cat Stevens
5. Dead Flowers - Townes Van Zandt
6. Fighting For It All - Mindy Smith
7. Kite Song - Rosie Thomas
8. Put a Penny in the Slot - Fionn Regan
9. Laugh So You Don't Cry - Andy Davis
10. Liberty Line - Griffin House
11. Sugar Blue - Jeff Finlan
12. Loneliest Girl in The World - Cary Brothers
13. Monster Ballads - Josh Ritter
14. Sourwood Mountain - Carolina Chocolate Drops
15. Brand New Love - Serena Ryder
16. Amie - Damian Rice
17. Home Once Again - Jimmy LaFave
18. True Colors - Eva Cassidy
19. Not California - Hem
20. The Way I Was Made - Griffin House
21. It's Amazing - Mindy Smith
22. California Stars - Wilco
23. Darlin' Do Not Fear - Brett Dennen
24. Variation On "Commemorative Transfiguration & Communion At Magruder Park" - Sufjan Stevens
25. Gotta Have You - The Weepies

Not a bad mix huh? That iTunes "Genius" thingy is a tune from your playlist and watch the bugger create this whole new genius-like playlist like it was right inside your head. Kinda George Orwell Big Brother-ish but kinda cool too.

Now you and Emi or Ella, whichever, can be getting your groove on at the exact same time...she's just doing it inside June and you're on your, home, car...whatever, just stay the hell away from my wife.


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