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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ella's Almost Mom sans Hullaballoo

It's June's birthday...well, was June's birthday...yesterday, but we're only just getting to it today. We won't let slip her stunning new age and we won't harp on the coming and going of a birthday without hullaballoo etc...but we will say that she looks better now than she did then (and she looked pretty damn good then) and that ten plus years have fell by leaving me wishing I had every minute of them back. Ella's mom is a pretty incredible lady and I kinda like her a little, maybe even a lot.

Happy birthday Ella-Mom...growing older but not up, just the way we like it around here. Closer to perfection every three and half seconds or so.

Why three and a half seconds? Why not? What were you doing three and half seconds ago? While you were questioning my turn of phrase June was quietly improving...kinda makes you feel a little lazy doesn't it?


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